Rolling, the association for the development of educational roleplaying games, is a non-profit organization comprising a bunch of enthusiasts with vast experience in the fields of teaching, roleplaying games, and civil education. This association is the main producer of the event and is responsible for its PR.

Jan Fíla

We all will remember Jan. During his time around larps he managed to not only play, but also to have a look into several organizational things and, most importantly, to develop a very strong relation to larps. For several years he worked at Švandovo Theatre in Smíchov, but he mainly spent his free time composing music in a rehearsal room. He was an employee of Czech Television and a student of the Master's degree program at the Department of Electronic Culture and Semiotics at Charles University. He is author of original music and sound effects used to build atmosphere of Requiem: Reichskinder.

Adéla Hrabáková

Games are Adéla’s destiny. Not only are they her hobby, but she also makes her living as a game designer—which is an eloquent indication of her insanity. Most of the time she writes games with Míša, with whom she also works as an enthusiastic creative visionary with lots and lots of megalomaniac ideas. She has already organized quite a few old-school larps. She loves horror themes and wringing players to the bone. Apart from that, she is nevertheless a joyful and chaotic person who can become very friendly after overcoming her initial distrust. She has recently embarked on a great new adventure: writing games with Rolling.

Míša Hrabáková

Míša was a larper before it was cool, but she started writing her own larps only about three years ago. She is the co-author of several editions of the game Pravda and other larps by the Awain association. She makes her living in the field of modeling natural disasters, most likely to distract attention from any disasters of her own. She is a pathological optimist and an occasional brawler. For Requiem: The Reichskinder, she enjoys working on the psychedelic elements of the game the most.

Hana Lauerová

The youngest, prettiest and most irresponsible member of the team. She has been both playing and organizing larps for some time already because is a great way to meet new people and keep in touch with friends. If she is not sitting at the sewing machine, in a car, or in front of the computer sending emails to players right now, she is most probably studying stomatology or teaching piano lessons. She loves music, wine, and Fran Bow.

Jakub Míšek

A lawyer, musician, larp player, writer, and theoretician. He enjoys modern artificial music, ethno music, and music theory and specifically the question of the music’s effects on listeners from a time perception point of view. The requiem genre takes a special place in his heart. When designing and organizing larps he makes attempts at functional interconnection of music with the game, which is also his task within Requiem: Reichskinder.

Michal Pikola

He has been larping for only two years now, but he is all the more interested in it. Before Reichskinder, he co-organized the second edition of Cave Canem with Rolling and has lately been involved in more of their games. Otherwise, he studies psychology at Charles University, listens to post-rock and hoards vintage clothes.

David František Wagner

David has been dedicating his time to larps for a long time and plans do to so in the future.

The same goes for education (especially regarding history, philosophy, and other social sciences) in its various forms—he has been doing it for a long time and will keep at it. He is the author of several larps; he recently worked, for example, on De la Bête, Cave Canem, and Legion: Siberian Story. Authenticity, originality, and strong stories are of great importance to him. He is one of three founders of Rolling and the leader of the creative team.

Klára Kla Wanková

Klára is looking forward to Sunday most of all, as she will stay in bed with a book for the whole day…or not. She also likes to create things. The weirder, the better, and she is constantly trying to get better at creating the most she can for the lowest cost. When she is not playing or preparing a larp, she is working as an accountant, getting drunk, or going for a trip with her Welsh Corgi (Bazinga) and husband (Melkor). She enjoys the cooperation with Melkor very much and is glad that they can participate on the preparation of Requiem together.